Its that time of year again for a perfume change, a time of year also known to some as summer. And I love celebrating summer and all that it embodies by going lighter and fresher with everything diet, clothing, hair and of course fragrance. I rarely ever wear perfume in the summer, opting instead to go with body splashes or a lightly scented lotion. On those very rare occasions when I do choose to wear perfume, I look for fragrances that are clean, fresh, soft, simple and pretty. I like fragrances that are very easy to wear and that also require very close contact if you are looking to catch a whiff of it (what can I say, I am very private about my fragrance, can not have every Tom, Dick and Harry stealing a whiff.

I managed to find a few perfumes that incorporate all of the attributes I look for in a summer fragrance and they are all by elizabethW san francisco. The fragrances from the line that I absolutely love for summer are Leaves, Citrus Vervain and Sweet Tea. They are all very evocative of summer, but the fragrance that I chose as my new summer perfume was of course the Sweet Tea. Not only does the name absolutely epitomize summer, but the fragrance is described as gracious, spirited and elegant with enticing oriental black teas, juicy fresh Amalfi lemons and the sweetness of almond honey, what could be more summery than that? I love how simple, clean and fresh it smells on my skin, I honestly do not think it could be overpowering even if it tried.

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